Our Philosophy

We believe that each startup has a designated path to success in its market. Out goal is to set the company the right course and help with early navigation through assistance of our team, experienced speakers, and designated mentors.

Program Overview

JFE Accelerator (now operated and funded by JEMM Ventures LLC) is opening its applications for summer 2016.

Focus is on Israeli B2B seed stage startups that are looking to expand and learn how to operate in the U.S. market.

The program is tailored for B2B companies to a focus on business development, strategy, sales, and the right market fit.

This includes fundamentals in communications, branding, and positioning.

Selected startups have the opportunity to accelerate their companies for 3 months by working with top Silicon Valley innovators, technologists, biz dev experts, investors, and visionaries.

The accelerator is an intense 3 month program that includes mentor office hours with top industry experts, business development workshops, weekly speaker sessions, legal frameworks, and one on one meetings with leading investment firms and angel investors in San Francisco.

$20k investment. %5-7 depending on the startup’s stage

Applicant Criteria

  1. At least 2-3 team members

  2. Must have technical founder
  3. Serial entrepreneurs preferred
  4. Must have good expertise in the chosen market
  5. Must be willing and flexible to relocate to the U.S or have team members who would be willing to stay there.
  6. Huge potential market
  7.  Proprietary technology that is fundamentally disruptive
  8.  Ability to grow fast with little resources
  9.  Presents proven product market fit
  10.  Technology can be easily adopted and integrated to fit target customers
  11.  Agile and flexible to pivot fast if needed
  12. Mature and positive attitude and can take feedback.

Accelerator San Francisco

JFE Accelerator is launching its next accelerator program in San Francisco in June 2016.

Selected startups will have the opportunity to accelerate their companies for 3 months by working with top Silicon Valley innovators, developers, biz dev experts, investors, and visionaries in our network and community.

Accelerator New York

JFE Accelerator NY brings together the most prominent industry experts, entrepreneurs, and investors in New York to work with each startup cohort for its 3 month program.

Terms of Use and Privacy

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