Accelerating Success

JFE Accelerator has been working with U.S/Israeli pre-seed startups from 2013-2015.
JFE Organization discontinued running JFE Accelerator in 2016.

JFE Accelerator

We take in companies at a very early stage where we can make the most impact.

We call this acceleration the escape velocity or quantum leap.

We connect startups with investors in SF/NYC.

We bring in experts with highest expertise of building and growing companies


Connect with leading venture firms, angel groups, and micro-vcs in Silicon Valley.


Learn how to scale your startup from leading operators, growth and marketing experts, technologists, legal advisors, serial entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley.


Grow your startup into its fullest potential.

How the JFE Accelerator Works


Learn how to sell your product, establish great customer relationships, and scale your business.

Strategy and Business Development

Learn how to form strategic partnerships and business opportunities from experts who have scaled B2B companies.


Top tier, unparalleled, participation and involvement from leading entrepreneurs & investors in Silicon Valley and NY’s Silicon Alley. Connections to leading investment firms and angel groups.

Accelerator San Francisco

JFE Accelerator is launching its next accelerator program in San Francisco in June 2016.

Selected startups will have the opportunity to accelerate their companies for 3 months by working with top Silicon Valley innovators, developers, biz dev experts, investors, and visionaries in our network and community.

Accelerator New York

JFE Accelerator NY brings together the most prominent industry experts, entrepreneurs, and investors in New York to work with each startup cohort for its 3 month program.



To help you work better.

$90k Stipend

For more than 8 years, HubSpot’s award-winning marketing software has helped businesses expand and manage their online marketing presence.


Amazon Web Services, a collection of remote computing services, also called web services, make up a cloud-computing platform offered by


Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud computing platform offering IaaS + PaaS cloud services.

Our Network

  • 100+ mentors
  • 1200 Investor Network
  • 10,000 JFE Network
  • 90+ startups in JFE programs

JFE Accelerator Portfolio

Funded Startups From Previous JFE Programs

Meet the Mentors and Speakers

Jenny Belotserkovsky

Jenny Belotserkovsky

Co-­Founder & CEO, JFE Accelerator

Jenny co-founded JFE in November 2009 and is in charge of program management, partnerships, and strategic direction for the program. She has organized speaker panels, pitch events, seminars, mentoring and networking events for the Jewish entrepreneur community in Silicon Valley. Jenny was introduced to entrepreneurship in 2008, when she took a business development at a medical device startup, BE Technologies. Prior to that, she worked at a research boutique Global Crown Capital, and at Lehman Brothers and Credit Suisse in private wealth division. Jenny received a BA in Economics from UC Berkeley.

Michal Tavrovsky

Michal Tavrovsky

Co-Founder and COO, JFE Accelerator

Michal oversees operations and coordination between staff, mentors, and advisors.Michal co-founded JFE in 2009. Michal gained a lot of experience in business helping her father, a prominent Jewish entrepreneur to launch several successful companies. She runs an internationally acclaimed art gallery and has experience as an art dealer and entrepreneur.

New York

Mentors & Speakers

John Frankel

John Frankel

Partner, ff Venture Capital

Gil Beyda

Gil Beyda

Managing Director, Genacast Ventures

Charlies O'Donnell

Charlies O'Donnell

Managing Partner, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

Elad Yoran

Elad Yoran

CEO, Growth Security Partners

San Francisco

Mentors & Speakers

Bram Cohen

Bram Cohen

Dan Kaplan

Dan Kaplan

David Beyer

David Beyer

Ariel Poler

Ariel Poler

Angel Investor


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Our primary goal for joining JFE was to widen our network, but we got so much more. We were extremely pleased by the quality and breadth of speakers. The information in our lecture sessions was so “dead-on” that we felt like the program was tailored to our company. MICHAEL VERNIK Founder / Digispoke
JFE has been instrumental in plugging us into the Silicon Valley start-up ecosystem. From connecting to mentors and advisers at world class companies to learning from experienced and successful entrepreneurs, being part of the accelerator has allowed us to grow and develop in ways that have far exceeded any of our expectations. BRYAN LEEDS Founder / XSync
If it weren’t for JFE, none of us would have made it to Silicon Valley. OMER KOREH Founder / EstimPrice
JFE accelerator was a stimulating and inspiring experience. The network of advisors, mentors and other entrepreneurs I was exposed to were of the highest caliber. I learned a great deal from the experience. The guidance and advice I received was invaluable in helping me advance my company. AMICHAI AMAR Founder / Amaret
We just completed the 3 month program and it was a great experience. You will be surprised how much you can learn in 3 months. They bring about 40 mentors from different fields that can help you advance and focus on achieving your goals, they provide connections to investors, bring them to the office and do anything they can to help. There was not one thing that I needed and didn’t get answers for. I can honestly say its much more then an accelerator. HANI OVADIA
It wasn’t unusual to have a session until 9:30 pm, and another one at 10 am the next morning. Sometimes I’d pitch our product four times in a single day. In many cases, the sessions required advanced preparation if you wanted to make the most of them, and managing this while my company was gaining traction was crazy. DORIN ROSENSTEIN